Installer des outils de statistiques et monitoring SNMP


analog 3.32 -- 02 septembre 1999, 367ko (.tar.gz), 520ko (.zip)

"Analog is a program to analyse the logfiles from your web server. It tells you which pages are most popular, which countries people are visiting from, which sites they tried to follow broken links from, etc."

Big Brother
Big Brother 1.2b -- 13 juillet 1999

"Big Brother is a combination of monitoring methods. Unlike SNMP where information is just collected and devices polled, Big Brother is designed in such a way that each local system broadcasts it's own information to a central location. Simultaneously, Big Brother also polls all networked systems from a central location. This creates a highly efficient and redundant method for proactive network monitoring."

BigBrothers Web Stats 0.21 -- 7 mars 1999, 80ko (.tar.gz)

BigBrother WebStats is a set of CGI programs written in C, creating website statistics in a '1984-George Orwell' way, released under the GNU General Public License. It makes use of the Apache web-server and optionally its server side includes (SSI's).
* Reload resistance: when a visitor has created an entry, it takes five hours before he or she can trigger another entry.
* Browser/OS/country recognition: most browsers, operating systems and even some search engine bots are recognized. All ISO countries are recognized and the majority of them have a little icon matching their flag.
* Auto-rotation of the logs: BigBrother WebStats automatically deletes the oldest entry when the logfile has reached the maximum size (which has a default of 50 entries).
* Highlights the entry of the visitor viewing the statistics.
* All options can be configured from a configuration file, no recompiles are necessary.
* Graphical daily statistics.
* Cumulative statistics for agents, operating systems, hourly intervals, weekdays and countries.

Graphic Counter Language
Graphic Counter Language 3.0 -- 22 juin 1999, 93ko (.tar.gz)
g-gcl 1.10 (sample GCL script et graphics) -- 21 juin 1999, 32ko (.tar.gz)

"Now in version 3.0, GCL is a new programming language. It allows you to create original web counters in as few as 15 - 20 lines of code. No programming experience is required.
All you need to do is supply several GIF files. They should contain your choice of digits 0 - 9. Optionally, you can add a comma, a background graphic, a head, and a tail.
For example, the counter to your left, designed by Dominique Voillemot, is assembled from a head, a tail, a comma, and the digits. GCL puts it all together.
It shows the number of visitors to my home page, not this page. Reloading this page will not change the count; going to my home page will. GCL gives you this kind of flexibility.
Because you supply your own GIF files, you can use digits from any font of any alphabet (or you may design your own). For example, the counter to your left is in Devanagari, the alphabet of Sanskrit (the ancestor of almost all Western languages, including English). This counter is always showing the count of 1234567890 on this page regardless of the true count which you can see on Page 1 of the introductory tutorial."

Webalizer 1.30-04 -- 11 juillet 1999, 184ko (.tar.bz2), 261ko (.tgz), 286ko (.zip), 374ko (.tar.Z),

"The Webalizer is a fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser.
It was written to solve several problems that I had with currently available analysis packages. A vast majority of them were written in Perl or some other scripting language, and took forever to run. Some were not free. Some even produced wrong results, or results that were not in a format I found very useful.
In order to get the stats I wanted, in a format that I liked, I wrote The Webalizer, and have made it available here, to anyone who wants it, for any purpose. Starting as a simple Perl script with limited capabilities, it has grown into a full featured, robust and fast analysis tool, being used by thousands of systems around the globe."


Pour BigBrotherWebStats
$ lynx ftp://.../BigBrotherWebStats-0.21.tar.gz
$ tar -xvzf BigBrotherWebStats-0.21.tar.gz
$ cd BigBrotherWebStats
$ make
Pour BigBrother
$ cd /opt
$ lynx ftp://.../bb-1.09b.tar.gz
$ tar -xvzf bb-1.09b.tar.gz
$ cd bb/doc
$ ./bbconfig redhat
$ cd ../src
$ make
$ make install
$ cd ..
Pour Webalizer
Éditez le fichier et mettez la variable BBHOME à /opt/bb
Éditez le fichier etc/bb-host
Éditez le fichier etc/

Christophe Merlet
©Tous droits réservés
07 octobre 1999